Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Barbie Doll

I'm so superb excited today !! Meet new people and have a new experience (Thanx to God n my best pal ,, Jane for this opportunity). Yes, I go to photoshoot today at lovely vintage house. No, I'm not the model.. just company my best pal due to her job (she's talented mua anyway). Ok, let the photo talks ....
In Action

Miss Bianca from Brazil

Love the Beautifull Hat
Colour..Colour.. More Bright Colour
This sofa is so cute...
Miss Irma (MUA) and Miss Ceca
The Little Cute Girl , Sifa
Bianca (Model), Burhan (Photographer), Ceca (Model), Me, Kay (Stylist), Jane n Irma (MUA)