Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

Born Day Bash

Yesterday on 26'th January, I turned to be 26 years old.. First, I wanna thank you to My Lord JC for His guidance and blessing through my whole life. Some friend ask me about "What is my wish for this new age?".
Well, actually my wish : I WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON. Better in making a good and health relationship with the others and always thinking positive about my life.
I started my day with a meeting.. Yes, a meeting :) at my office and I got a surprise from my super nice Boss and friends.. Let the photo talk ^^

With my boss and my best friend

The B'day Cake

Blow a Candle "Lighter" ^^

On the night, I took dinner with my family and my community at Paregu Restaurant (All You can eat).. "NO DIET FOR TODAY" :D

Love this Family

Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Singapore's Diary - Day 1

Hi ! This is my first post in 2013.. I want to share about my last vacation on 12 until 15'th Dec 2012 (5 days 4 night) in Singapore with my Mom n Mr. W. Thanx to JC about His blessing to me that I could take my mom to Singapore and The bonus is Mr. W suddenly want to take the holiday together with me. So.. YES ! It's officially our first trip together WOOOHOOO :) !!

DAY 1 - My flight was departured at 6.55 AM, so we went to airport about 4.00 AM by taxy. The check in process was going smooth and finally we're at waiting room in Terminal 3 Air Asia.
My Mom (She was so excited about this trip)

Mr. W

My first rule when I was in travel mode : wore a comfortable clothes because we didn't know about the weather or the location. For the note about the weather this morning was rain and lil' cold. So, I wore a grey long top (XSML) combined with a motive grey legging from Uniqlo (I bought it at Singapore 2 years ago) and complete it with an orange syal (I love the colour) and flat shoes from Miu-Miu.

I stayed at Lucky Plaza's Apartment. Why I recommended this place : the rent price is about $42 per person and per nigth (It was Quite cheap because the location is in Orchard Road) and near from Orchard MRT. Our Rent Apartment was ini 18'th floor. The next destination was Anchor Point Shopping Mall (a Mall near from IKEA Alexander). I want to go there because there's Cotton On Kids, so I can buy a cute dress for my little Glow. After Shopping time, we went to Merlion Park. As you know, the Merlion is famous icon in Singapore. There's two merlion in Singapore , first in Merlion Park and second in Sentosa Island.
@ Anchor Point Mall (Christmas Theme)

I look Small heheh
Break Time @ Starbuck Coffee

@ Merlion Park

Marina Bay Sand's View

Blurr T_T

Because It's Christmas Time, so all along the Orchad Road was decorated by Christmas Theme (Lamp and  many Mall had One Signature Christmas Tree). This Day, I visit ION Orchad Mall and had a dinner time at the Food Court.
@ ION Orchad Mall

View @ Orchad Road

Paragon's X'Mas Tree

Apartment's View (ION Orchad Mall)
Apartment's View (Takashimaya Mall)
See You on the Day 2.. Adios People !

Selasa, 27 November 2012


OMG ! 8 Months ---> absent from my lovely blog.. But now I'm back :)
Long time no see people ! How are you ? I hope you're fine and have a great night today..
I got a lot of life experience (happy, sad, amazing, surprise) from this 8 months..
 Sad.. because this year I lost one of my family.. First, It's hard to accept it and many "WHY" Question appear from my heart.. and when the time goes by, I think i must MOVE ON.
When we lost someone that we love and care, actually they're not really "lost"..
Yes, I cannot see him or hear his advice again.. I can't deny.. But he always be in my heart and my memories.. Take a part as the great influence into my life and I'm so thankfull to God that I've been meeting and knowing him..

Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Barbie Doll

I'm so superb excited today !! Meet new people and have a new experience (Thanx to God n my best pal ,, Jane for this opportunity). Yes, I go to photoshoot today at lovely vintage house. No, I'm not the model.. just company my best pal due to her job (she's talented mua anyway). Ok, let the photo talks ....
In Action

Miss Bianca from Brazil

Love the Beautifull Hat
Colour..Colour.. More Bright Colour
This sofa is so cute...
Miss Irma (MUA) and Miss Ceca
The Little Cute Girl , Sifa
Bianca (Model), Burhan (Photographer), Ceca (Model), Me, Kay (Stylist), Jane n Irma (MUA)

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Happiness From Small Things

"Being happy isn't having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it's about stringing together all the little things like wearing these pants or getting to a new level of Dragon's Lair - making those count for more than the bad stuff" (Bailey - The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants)
Me with Oma (Capture by my nephew - Nial)
Like the quote, I think that's completely true.. For me, I always feel happy from the little things like spend quality time with my family and the people that I loved.