Selasa, 27 November 2012


OMG ! 8 Months ---> absent from my lovely blog.. But now I'm back :)
Long time no see people ! How are you ? I hope you're fine and have a great night today..
I got a lot of life experience (happy, sad, amazing, surprise) from this 8 months..
 Sad.. because this year I lost one of my family.. First, It's hard to accept it and many "WHY" Question appear from my heart.. and when the time goes by, I think i must MOVE ON.
When we lost someone that we love and care, actually they're not really "lost"..
Yes, I cannot see him or hear his advice again.. I can't deny.. But he always be in my heart and my memories.. Take a part as the great influence into my life and I'm so thankfull to God that I've been meeting and knowing him..