Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

el Diablo Loud & Proud

Pardon me, my readers.. After superb long and hectic day by day, finally I' can write about this event. Yes, el Diablo Rave Party held on October 29'th.Well, i know it's a little late to tell.. but never mind, I stilll excited to tell you about the party. Hope you'll enjoy it, readers   (^o^)

el Diablo is the new product from my company, Balihai Brewery Indonesia. Yup! as you know.. It's new Beer with light and great taste. This product was launched at Tribeca Central Park and el Diablo's Motto was Loud n Proud (you can see on our cool tshirt). More excitement, we must dress like we are in haloween party, the first Halloween Rave Party in Indonesia and my first Haloween Party too(Yeayhhh!!). My dress code was cute red devil haha.. ;p
With my best partner in crime 
My friends (Ratih n Yenny)
ki-ka : Ayu, Jean, Ratih, Yenny, Corry, Echa

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Pola Katelu mengatakan...

you look so happy :]

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Jean mengatakan...

Thanx,, It's a fun night afterall :D