Rabu, 23 November 2011

HGM First Giveaway

Green with Envy

i wore: versacexH&M tee, H&M necklace, gifted bracelet-africa, fareast-belt,charles jordan-sunnies
 green with envy :wishing very much that you had what someone else has-the free dictionary
Do you ever get jealous  of other people getting some stuff that you really want? I do sometimes!! but in this post I'll show you how to get rid of that feeling, at least one lucky person will.... 

A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something. 
 Thank you so much for all of your loving supports and lovely LOVELY "lovely" comments, emails, hate mails, everything! looking back, I never thought that my life would turn out like it did. As I've said before, one year ago i started to blog for fun, for myself, this virtual world gave me a chance to be me, to be who I've always wanted to be. If you love me thank you but if you don't just close your tab. I received many empowering comments and emails from all of you sweet pretty people about my last post and now it's my time to give something back.
 YES i'll give this VersacexH&M tee that i wear in this post only for one special reader! It's a man's tee(so boys feel free to join my first giveaway) but as you can see girls! you can rock this tee too! fyi the versacexH&M for man were soldout within 10 minutes in washington DC, and this tee were sold out within 2 hours in Milan!

 It's a brand new stuff i bought for YOU! The price tag is still attach and for petite or curvy babies! don't worry, i even bought it in 2 sizes(normal one and very large one yes very thoughtful eh?) because i know that size does matter.
(each person can only have 3 entries)
1.   Make sure you've followed this blog via blogger AND bloglovin
(if you haven't follow this blog, your entry will not be counted)

2. (1st entry)Leave comment in this post with format:
number of entry,name , email , dress size( s,m,l,xl)

3.For extra entry you could:
follow my twitter and TWEET "Join HGM first giveaway here!!I want the versacexH&M tee! http://hippiegonemad.blogspot.com/2011/11/green-with-envy.html "

or post this giveaway on your blog + why you deserve to win
with the same format + link to your twitter or blog!!

1st entry, cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,  S

2nd entry cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,S, posted on my twitter too! 

3rd entry,cindy karmoko, cindykarmoko@hotmail.com,S, posted on my blog! http://hippiegonemadgiveaway.blogspot.com/2011/11/hippieness-in-me.html

 PLEASE post 1 entry in one comment so if you want to do all the entries you have to post 2 comments in total for the 1st and blogpost entry the UNLIMITED entries for tweets(tweet as much as you want, 1 tweet counts as 1 entry)

 The Giveaway is open worldwide from today until 5 November 2011

Love from Milan-ck
Finally, Hippie Gone Mad First Giveaway release ! I want to win this first giveaway  cause :
1). The Prize (Versace H&M Tee) is soooo adorable and edgy. First Look at HGM blog and CK wears the shirt, it looks great on her.
2). CK is one of my favorite blogger. I always read her blog and she give me 'lot of inspiration especially the way she proud of being herself .  I think, she's so  kind and love her blog's reader (Since she stay  in front of the H&M store whole of the night and still have an idea of giveaway)
3). Love her taste of fashion ;)
I adore her even she's younger than me.. Cindy, wish  u the best and keep chase your dream! May I win this giveaway (fingercrossed) and it would be my great Christmas's present :D
Lotta Love,
 -Jean Sol-