Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Wonderfull Blessing Month

I always happy when it comes to January.. First month of the year, excited to do my resolution, feel many new experience, a lot of happy event and this is the month when i'm going to 25'th years old. It started on 7'th January, my friend's wedding (congrats to Ko Denny n wife, my best wishes for both of you). I came with Mr. W and Mom, wore a top with animal print. It was my first experience to wear it, though animal print wasn't my favorite but I think I should try it since my aunt gave it for me..
Top (Zara), Skirt (Pull n Bear), TLTSN's Shoes, Necklace (Gaudi)
Does it suits me well ?
Too bad, I didn't take a photo with the groom and bride T_T.. Second happy event was my brother's birthday (19'th January).. We celebrate at Yuraku Restaurant,, I was soo happy when I have quality time with my brother and sister, such a lovely family ;)
'It' Shoes
Heppie Born Day
Next chapter in my next post, readers !! :)

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